Card Data Systems thought they were PCI-DSS

Card Data Systems thought they were PCI-DSS Compliant but they were not. Answer the following questions:

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  • What is PCI-DSS Compliance?
  • Why was Card Data Systems not PCI-DSS Compliant based on your definition?
  • What do you feel would be appropriate to ensure PCI-DSS Compliance for Card Data Systems.

2) HIPAA and PII are not mutually exclusive; yet, they are dealt with  in an interchangeable manner. Answer the following questions:

  • How is PII related to HIPAA?
  • Why do strict PII rules for HIPAA need to be in place as many organizations shift their offline health care strategy to an e-commerce setting?

3) Napster and like kind peer-to-peer programs help facilitate illegal music piracy. The corporate world lobbied to put in place DMCA in response to Napster’s ability to break copyright laws as well as have an economic impact. The question you need to answer:

  • What influence does the DMCA really have in the industry?
  • How did the organization influence tighter security and privacy controls?
  • Do you think that by shutting down Napster, the music industry has positively or negatively experienced growth?
  • With all the current streaming services available (i.e. Netflix, Amazon prime etc), do you think DMCA helps protect the corporation or these problems will eventually come about again as discussed in DMCA?

4) What is the difference between stalking and bullying. Provide a substantive example of each.

5) Schools and training organizations constantly push for the use of social media as a learning agent. Yet, social media is often considered the “wild west.” The “wild west” includes access to downloads that can be virus prone, links that take you to spam- like content and/or opt- in list, or systems that can compromise not only computer security but the server which is controlling Internet traffic.Question to respond to:

  • What kind of policies would you implement to ensure people in your organization are safe in the world of social media, and that organizational infrastructure is not compromised by a social media security breach?

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