Analysis of Income statement of Husqvarna group

Analysis of Income statement of Husqvarna group

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You are  provided with the selected company’s financial reports from the 5 past years to be used for the analysis of past performance.You should build an analysis of the performance of the company on the past 5 years.



Financial analysis forms the basis for financial decision making. Financial analysis refers to the application of different financial tools and techniques to identify the strength and weak areas in the financial statements of a company. The effectiveness of financial decisions is considered to be dependent on the accuracy of financial analysis. The current study is concerned with conducting financial analysis on the financial performance of Husqvarna group over the past five years. Last five years’ annual report of the company have been taken for this purpose. The study analyzes both the income statement and balance sheet of Husqvarna group. Ratio analysis and du-point analysis have been considered for this purpose.

Analysis of Income statement of Husqvarna group:

Here, it is vital to note that income statement reveals profits or loss for an organization during a period.  However, there exists a significant difference between income statement and cash flow statement preparation methods.

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