Assignment Leading Organizational Change

Assignment Leading Organizational Change

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for the student to integrate and apply the individual and organizational leadership learning from this course by developing a plan for organizational change.
Assignment Steps
Review course assignments for Weeks 1-5, including the results of the Mastering Leadership Self-Assessment taken in Week 1.
Select an organizational change in your company or one you know.
Develop a 1,050-word analysis designing the action plan for you, as a leader, to address the organizational change.
Include the following, in any sequence you choose:
1. Identify the organizational change process steps you would take and prioritize the order in which you would take them.
2. Include both individual and organizational leadership actions.
3. Scholarly citations must be given to support your rationale and proposed actions.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Leading Organizational Change

Leading Organizational Change Many organizations faced the burden of organizational change. In order for leaders to successfully manage change within organization they must implement a strategy for change that causes little disruption as possible. Oftentimes employees show resistance toward change. An effective leader is responsible for motivating employees toward a favorable outcome for the organizational change. Leadership is not just a title or position it is the ability to influence others in reaching a common goal. Rite-Hite understands that organizational change is not simply a process of adjustments but mandates adequate management abilities. However, there are several subjects to be reviewed to accomplish a successful organizational change. Hence, this paper presents an action plan for Rite-Hite organizational change, its processes, approaches, elements, resistance, and leadership (University of Phoenix, 2017). Individual Action to Support Organizational Change Personally, I will seek information to understand and educate myself in regards to the organizational change. Also, effective communication is the key to a successful change within the organization. Communication allows me to convey vital information to my peers to facilitate them in understanding the need for the change. I will also get involve and participate to get an idea of the needed changes so that I can assist in winning over my coworkers as well as those who are resisting the change. I will also facilitate and support the change to make it work. This process can include additional training or new skills, providing support, and listening to help address employees concerns or fears. I will also negotiate and make agreements to facilitate the change, for example, flexible hours and pay raises so that employees know that they matter too. Lastly, as with all change, I will need to monitor, review, and control the change to ensure it has been implemented successfully (University

Assignment Leading Organizational Change

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