Below are the BOD assignments for each person

Below are the BOD assignments for each person. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks

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1. The Overview- A snapshot of the company

a. Executive Summary – ALL

b. Firm Name- pull from MP

c. Mission- pull from MP

d. Culture/Values- pull from MP

e. Goals- pull from MP

f. Products and Customers- pull from MP

2. The People Picture

a. Executive Team information to include: ALL

i. Strengths and qualifications

ii. Process for assigning initial roles and responsibilities

b. Employee Engagement to include: JENNIFER

i. Recruitment and process

ii. Compensation and rewards

iii. Employee engagement efforts

3. The Business Picture

a. Basis of competitive advantage- RALPH

b. Market performance- JAMES, IAN

c. Competitor analysis- RALPH, JAMES

d. SWOT analysis- ALL

e. How did the Conscious Competence information in the HR, Marketing, and Manufacturing area help you to improve your business results? ALL

4. The Financial Picture- TONYA

a. Pro forma cash flow, balance sheet and income statement (all quarters)

b. Analysis of financial performance including strengths and areas of improvement

5. The Growth Picture – Strategy for growth (What will it take to get ahead or stay ahead?)

a. What were the significant events that affected the company and/or market? How will you integrate the knowledge you gained from these events into the following:

i. Marketing Strategy- IAN

ii. Manufacturing Strategy-JAMES

iii. Sales Channel Strategy- RALPH

iv. People Strategy- JENNIFER

Financial Strategy- TONYA

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