Capstone Project for CU 210 Access 2

Capstone Project for CU 210 Access 2

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For this your Capstone Project for CU 210 Access 2, you will need to create a fully functioning database from scratch. There are no starter files for this assignment.

You will need to think of a Company and create a short Biography of what the company does. Save this information in a Word document and turn in with the rest of your files for grading.

For your company you will need to create all the supporting Tables, Queries, Forms, and Reports necessary to complete the required actions listed below. When directed to import information from external sources you will need to create those external resources to complete the action. All files and information you create must be turned in when you turn in your Capstone project at the end of the term.

Because of the size of the files you will be turning in it is recommended that you use a new flash drive or burn the project to CD Rom to turn in to your professor…

It is the student’s responsibility to test the project (several times) to ensure that all actions work properly to gain full credit.

You will not get your turned in Capstone project back so make sure you create a backup copy for yourself.

This is the Final Assessment for this course… you have 1 attempt for this Project.

Each Requirement below must have its own instance in the database. You cannot combine steps to be represented in a single instance.

Student must include their Name, Class and Term in the database.

Each Table created must have a minimum of 25 entries.

Establishing Data Validation. In order to maintain data integrity, Students need to establish at least 1 data validation rule.

Create an Input Mask. Create at least 1 specific format rules.

Create a Lookup Field. Students must create at least 1drop-down list of values from which the user will choose an entry from.

Create a Parameter Query. Students will create a Parameter query and use it to pull at different information at least 3 times. (save each instance as a separate Query)

Use the Expression Builder. Students will use the Expression Builder to create a calculated Expression.

Perform Date Arithmetic. Students will calculate a field using a time frame between two established dates.

Action Queries. Students will create 3 action queries to (1 to update, 1 to delete, and 1 to append) data to your original tables.

Crosstab Queries. Student will create 1 Crosstab Query to group and summarize data.

Duplicate and Unmatched Records. Students will create 1 Query to help find duplicated information within a particular set of data.

Restricting Edits in a Form. Students will create read-only forms that allow users to find information without making any changes.

Setting Tab Order. Students will set the tab order through a form in a logical sequence, you must make at least 1 change to the tab default order.

Using Subforms. Students will create at least 1 Subform to combine information from two or more tables.

Using Sections. Students will create headers and footers on your Report document. (It may include items such as dates or calculated fields to give page or group totals.)

Creating a Hyperlink Field. Student must create at least 5 hyperlinked field within your database to take you to a specific location including a Web site.

Adding an Attachment Field. Students must attach a document within your database.

Exporting Data to Excel. Students must export at least 1 table into Excel.

Exporting Data to Word. Students must export at least 1 report into Word.

Exporting Data to a PDF or XPS Document. Students must export at least 1 report and save it as a PDF file.

Importing other file types into Access. Students must create and import useful information from a Excel file into the database.

Linking to an Access Table. Students must Link at least 3 files in their database.

Linking to an Excel Spreadsheet. Students must create a link to an Excel file.

Data Normalization. Students must make sure that your database is error-free and has information organized in a manner that makes sense.

Database Security. Students will create and enable database security measures that are appropriate to the design of the database.

Working with Data Macros. Students must create at least 1 Data macros to provide programming logic to your database.

Project Worth: 100 pts

Project Weight: 40% of total grade

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