Case Study Analysis Assignments

Case Study Analysis Assignments

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Case studies are short assignments whose purpose is to demonstrate your ability to think critically about complex problems. The grading rubric for case analyses can be found below.

About Case Analysis

The case analysis approach is an exercise in applying what you have learned in a particular area. Cases provide you with information about conditions, situation, and/or problems in organizations, then ask you to assume a managerial role, rather than the role of the onlooker. Your task in this role is to use your critical thinking and analytical skills to develop a set of recommendations for understanding or resolving the condition, situation and/or problem that is described in the case study. The purpose of case analysis is to elicit from you a discussion based on your judgment about what the problem is, how to judge what was done, and/or what needs to be done. This discussion will rely on what you have learned in this course as well as what you have learned in other courses you have taken, as well as your professional experience. Reliance on this information from sources outside the course should be clearly justified, and the sources should be cited. It is not enough for you to have an opinion; you must support your opinion with evidence and/or anecdotes and/or theoretical bases.


Each case analysis should be approximately 5-7 pages long (excluding references in APA style). Also, in accordance with APA style, the analysis should be double-spaced, with a serif font (e.g. Times Roman . . . . Arial is, as an example, a SANS serif font and not acceptable). It should include the following sections (please write a paper that includes the information requested in these sections woven together in a cogent manner; please do not simply write Section I, Section II, etc. and answer the questions. These questions are meant as a guide to your analysis, not as the sole driving force for the content of your paper):

Title page (not counted against page count) with name, section number and the case that you are analyzing.
Introduction: What care are you analyzing? Briefly summarize the situation as you see it. Define the major stakeholders. How is an ethical issue(s) being created? The introduction should flow smoothly into III. Identification and Articulation of Ethical Issues and Stakeholder Perspectives: What, exactly, are the ethical issue(s) being faced? Do the different stakeholders view the issue(s) differently; do they agree there is an ethical issue? From what kind of framework does each stakeholder view the issue?
Choice of Relevant Ethical Framework: Based on your readings in the text, articles, lectures, and relevant outside SCHOLARLY sources (you need at least 2 to achieve the B-level standard for Case Analysis #1). What is your assessment of the situation? What is the framework by which the issue should be considered, and from which a solution should be generated? (Be sure to address this!)
Available and “Best” Alternatives for Action: Within the framework that you’ve articulated above, what is the best course of action? Are there any alternative courses of action that might be okay? If so, how might one choose among them? How can you achieve stakeholder compliance, if the stakeholders do not agree on the ethical issue(s) present?
Title page
Did you include a title page with name, section number and the case that you are analyzing? If so, you get the point.

What care are you analyzing? Briefly summarize the situation as you see it. Define the major stakeholders. How is an ethical issue(s) being created?

Remember, in addition to providing the required introductory material, the tone of the introduction is to lay the foundation for the arguments that you are going to make throughout the rest of the paper. Don’t miss the opportunity here to set the stage for the important things that you have to say.

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