Communication Guide Week Two Culture Selection

Communication Guide

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Week Two: Culture Selection

For Week Two, each Learning Team must choose one non-American culture to use in comparing cultural business norms to those in the United States. (CHINESE BUSINESS AND U.S. BUSINESS CULTURE)

Write a 150- to 250-word overview of what other culture your team will focus on in your Communication Guide Presentation, due in Week Five.

Week Three: Annotated Bibliography

For Week Three, each Learning Team will prepare an annotated bibliography with at least 3 sources per student from peer-reviewed journals in preparation for the Communication Guide, due in Week Five.

See the Center for Writing Excellence for assistance with annotated bibliography format.

Create an annotated bibliography to organize your research for the Communication Guide.

Research peer-reviewed articles and research studies from within the last 10 years that focus on business norms in your team’s selected culture and in U.S. culture.

Select and read a minimum of 10 sources and maximum of 15 sources for the bibliography.

Write a 100- to 150-word descriptive and critical annotation summarizing and interpreting each article and describing the cultural patterns, values, morals, and beliefs. Describe the research methodology for each research study included.

Format your bibliography consistent with APA guidelines.

While completing the Week 2 assignments, please confirm the content prepared for Milestone One and Milestone Two is based on the instructions.

** In preparing Milestone Two, please confirm sentences have been prepared for each critical element. ** A.  Select research from the provided resources that will support your plan and explain how the research is credible. B.  Explain how you discerned the credibility of the research provided. C.  Discuss how using credible evidence will support your action plan. D.  Explain how the research aligns with fundamental theories discussed in the course. E.  Describe how the research aligns with the ethical guidelines of psychology — state the number/name of standard. While grading Milestone Two, if it is unclear whether or not sentences have been prepared for a specific critical element, then zero(0) points must be assigned.  Clearly indicate the research is credible because . . .; the research was discerned as credible because . . .; the credible evidence will support my action plan because . . .; the research aligns with the xxxxxx theory/concept because . . .; the ethical standards include . . .   The xxxxxx perpsective/concept means . . .  No, the same words do not need to be used as stated here, however, clearly indicate the critical element being explained to earn maximum points.  Keep the Milestone Two Grade Rubric close and use it to know what to write.

In one or two sentences, explain why your source, “

Mental Health Beliefs and Their Relationship With Treatment Seeking Among U.S. OEF/OIF Veterans

,” is credible.

Question #2

In one or two sentences, explain why this source is relevant to the problem of

Veterans Struggling With the Stigma of PTSD

Question #3

In one or two sentences, explain why your source, “

Help-Seeking Stigma and Mental Health Treatment Seeking Among Young Adult Veterans

,” is credible.

Question #4

In one or two more sentences, explain how using credible evidence to support your Action Plan helps support your claims.

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