Community Policing Plan custom essay

Community Policing Plan

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The ultimate goal of establishing a police force in the community involves ensuring the established laws and regulations are followed as well as ensuring justice is provided in the society. From this perspective, it is the responsibility of the police to enforce the law and establish apt platform towards safeguarding the interests of the community as well as promoting justice in the society. In addition, establishing co-existence in the society is the responsibility of the police which can be achieved through establishing unified approach that integrate the community regardless of varying cultural and background orientation in the society (Palmiotto, 2010). The rights of individuals in the society play a significant role safeguarding the interests of persons as well as establish an apt platform towards provision of justice in line with the establishing legal structures. Considering the constitution is the supreme law in every nation which precede other foreign or common law, it the responsibility of the police force to ensure the law is followed and interests of individuals are safeguarded through comprehensive enforcing the law.

Notably, law enforcement by police officers can be deployed from different perspectives which are geared towards establishing a unified approach that not only reflects on the established legal structures but also, practical utilization of rule of law statement in the society. It is worth noting that law offenders as well as law enforcers are part of the community. In addition, police officer operations or simply the law enforcers are aimed at establishing rule of law as well as safeguarding the interests of the community and ultimately accomplishing the goals of the police force. From this perspective, closely working with the community plays a significant role in achieving the ultimate goal of the police force, law enforcement. The security apparatus, crime and violation of the law are inclined towards the community and infringing the rights of the same community (Reed, 2013). Therefore, establishing a close relationship between the community and the police force plays a significant role in achieving both the ultimate goal of the community and safeguarding the interests of the community as well as provision of justice in the society. The notion of community policing plays a significant role in enabling the law enforcers curb crime, enhance security and promote rule of law. On the other hand, community policing is inclined towards safeguarding the interest of the law abiding community, offer an apt platform towards provision of justice as well as taking government services closer to the community. In this case, the research is geared towards comprehensively evaluating on San Francisco community policing plan aimed at understanding both future successes and failures based on program analysis and interviewing law enforcement officers.

Community Policing Plan

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