Compare Erasmus and Luther in their attempts to bring about religious reform

Compare Erasmus and Luther in their attempts to bring about religious reform

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This is just a DQ is does not have to be long. Just need to ht the points asked. I can send print scrren book if need to. I need this assignment ina couple of hour.

Compare Erasmus and Luther in their attempts to bring about religious reform. Consider the role of the printing press and the actions of German princes in helping Luther to succeed. Next, identify one (1) example of the Protestant Reformation’s impact on visual arts. Pretend you are in a company or some other group in which you feel there is corruption. (Use a real incident if you wish). You have the option of remaining and working for reform from within, or of leaving and hoping to start or land something new. Describe your decision and the “dangers” of that decision, and describe the factors that you had to consider.



o Chapter 17 (pp. 563-564), Erasmus; (pp. 564-66), Reformation and the princes; (pp. 570-74), printing press; (pp. 578-83), visual arts

Considering that Spring Break will come and go without anything exciting taking place for me, I’ve chosen to break the mold and write about something else. However, I do hope that each of you enjoy yours!

Frequently we find ourselves in situations that make us question the steps we have taken to get there. Occasionally we reflect on the fruits of our labor and the positive outcome of our hard work. However, there are also times when we find ourselves in turmoil, and seeking answers about where we went wrong. My life is a summation of a variety of these circumstances. If this life has taught me absolutely nothing, it is to remain humble at all times. In the midst of our finest hour, we can be quickly reminded of our shortcomings, which generally encourage some form of humility. And yet, when we find ourselves at what could be considered our lowest point, when we hit absolute rock bottom, we are rewarded with a glimmer of hope… sometimes a second chance to get it right.

I believe that every circumstance we encounter is a learning experience. There is something to be gained from every situation, good or bad. We must seek to recognize the lesson to be learned and be appreciative for it. If afforded the opportunity to make a mends, to right a wrong, to try again we should seize those opportunities. In addition, we must humble ourselves enough to afford the same opportunity to others when given the chance. As human beings we will always find that there is room for improvement in some area of our lives. Because of which, I have learned that no matter how hard we try, there is no such thing as a perfect person. We will never reach perfection nor aspire to. In addition, we can’t expect perfection from anyone else. At all times we can strive to be our best selves, and we should demonstrate humility even when we are proud. In doing so, we must also humble ourselves to recognize the same in everyone else. If given the opportunity to forgive or give a second chance, do it. No one is perfect. The grace we afford others, is often what we find we will receive in return.

it should be 250 words.

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