discuss what is meant by a social problem.

In 250–300 words, discuss what is meant by a social problem. Select one social problem and describe where you could begin to make a difference locally. Support your comments with at least two scholarly references and respond to a minimum of two classmates’ postings

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Community Organizing and Welfare Reform

Body Paragraph Topic – Introduction: Community organizing is… A Supporting evidence and quote- Community organizing is about empowering people to improve their lives. It is fundamentally a grassroots process where people from a community who are truly passionate about something join together to motivate one another to work towards finding a solution and making some positive changes that will forever effect theirs as well as other people’s lives. “A fundamental lesson for the community organizer is that you don’t organize people to do something you think should be done. Instead you find out what is important to people in the community, and then help them reach their goals” (Strategies for Community Change and Improvement, 2016). 1 Explanation- Furthermore these strategies are reiterating that a community organization is about each individual member of a community feeling equal to one another, enabling them to want to share what they feel is most important to them and any ideas they may have towards making some positive changes in their lives and for the community as a whole. 2 So what?- Being that the majority of members are used to being denied the opportunity to speak and have, for the most part, been ignored when it came to their thoughts and opinions. Community organizing changes that aspect in people’s lives by helping them to develop confidence, understanding they are not alone in this world and they are not the only ones experiencing the very same problems as they are. Community organizers empower these members within a community by showing them that they have the abilities to take action that will produce positive outcomes and that can socially impact their entire community, possibly even more people than tha

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