Effective Ways to Master Your Creativity

Effective Ways to Master Your Creativity When Writing College Papers

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When writing a college paper, you are going to try to solve a problem. While critical skills are definitely important when coming up with a workable solution, your solution also needs to be something that is original and fresh. That is where creative skills come in. Creative skills allow you to think of what you need to write about from a different angle and urge you to think outside the box.

The problem is that most students don’t have the necessary creative skills to pull this off and end up writing papers that are too orthodox and uncreative. Luckily, we have listed four ways in which students can master their creative skills:

1. Get Inspired
One great way to get inspired is by reading fiction. This is because fiction forces you to use your imagination. When you use your imagination, you activate your brain in a way that leads to better understanding, making you look at the world from a new perspective. The more you read fiction, the more you do this. Don’t just read fiction, though. Read scientific papers as well to see the nuanced ways others tackled their problems.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box
Most of us are afraid to take a risk and hardly ever go on the road less traveled. This is a major hindrance to creativity because we tend to stick to familiar roads that don’t call for any divergent thinking. For example, when researching information for a college paper, instead of looking for new methods and ideas that connect to our academic work, we just research enough information to write that paper and get to work. We don’t delve into material that challenges us and makes us think outside the box.

3. Sleep Well
Sleep deprivation can have a lot of negative consequences on our brain, one of them is being a hindrance to creativity. When seeking creative solutions, we tend to use the brain’s right lobe (the left lobe is for critical thinking). A study found that when we sleep, the right side of the brain becomes more active and is “heard” more compared to when we are awake. Sleep allows your brain to process all your thoughts. When you combine that with more involvement from the brain’s creative side, it could lead to more creativity. So if you need to think more creatively, sleep on it.

4. Train Your Brain for Creativity
According to science, you can actually unlock your creativity by training your brain with a few exercises. A good exercise is to simply take a walk that leads to divergent thinking. Another way to train your brain to be creative is to get bored. If you are not constantly distracting yourself with your phone or computer, ideas can actually get the time they need to properly form in your brain. You can also try coloring for it allows you to let go and explore your imagination.

When we apply our creative skills, we come up with better ideas. We become innovators and this is what is needed in academia. That is why students need to know the best ways to master their creative skills to come up with amazing ideas and put them in engaging college papers.

Effective Ways to Master Your Creativity When Writing College Papers

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