Empowerment Disempowerment and Social Change

Empowerment Disempowerment and Social Change

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In 250–300 words, discuss the ways in which individuals can be empowered, disempowered and how they can combat personal disempowerment. How does personal empowerment lead to collective empowerment? Describe how social change organizations empower their individual members. Support your comments with scholarly references and respond to a minimum of two classmates’ postings.

Empowerment when defined is the capability of an individual or an organization to perceive possible problems that might hinder them to succeed hence finding possible ways to resolve issues in the future or to find solutions to impending problem without affecting the current operation. Being empowered is a capability, a power and a chance
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for everyone to overcome problems and challenges and to succeed. When an individual is empowered, the chance to provide better decision assistance when making certain decisions is easier to make (Rubin & Rubin, 2008). Without empowerment, a person can be more doubtful of their capabilities to make decisions or to lead hence they always fear failure and fears to take a leap or walk towards success. If not empowered, an individual can end up doing what they feel hence doubtfulness makes them stay on the back and just follow other people’s lead. It is then possible to say that empowerment can influence behavior hence someone’s behavior and attitude is the result of being empowered or not of an individu…………………..

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