Essay on Obesity

Essay on Obesity

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The editorial “Tackling childhood obesity” published in the Mercury, presents a strong opinion on Tasmanian children eating their way into obesity and not exercising at a high enough rate. The writer has used the persuasion technique in order to get the parents to feed their children nutritionally and non manufactured fatty foods and agree with what is being said.

The editor has written the column in a pretty serious tone, which demands the readers into having the same views on the subject as the writer does, which shows the tone is used as another method of persuasion. Using this demanding tone readers are more likely to think about the subject and the effects it can have on their children and the community. This is shown by releasing facts on the subject, which tell us about the risks involved. A major thought is ‘researchers have discovered early signs of heart disease by the time they are 10,’ using these facts the article is thought over a lot more by the readers and more action is likely to be taken by the readers.

The column is directly aimed at parents with young children, in an attempt to persuade parents to stop supporting big companies produce manufactured fatty foods which are known as ‘treats’ and are most commonly loved by most children. By directing this article to parents, the supply of these fatty treats to kids is due to decrease if parents are persuaded in a big enough way, to stop feeding children these unhealthy snacks.

The editor has clearly used many techniques throughout the article in an attempt of persuasion, his major goal. Rhetorical question are used, asking “who’s to blame?” for the big problem of childhood obesity. A sub-heading ‘exercising’ is also used to tell the readers exercise is also a must for all children. Loaded language is used, ‘parents who are honest,’ in an attempt to make the parent feel guilty about what they are doing for their children. The editor also used an experts opinion to make the parents feel even more guilty stating “the obesity epidemic is one that parents are in the position of control,” using this second persons opinion it tells the reader the editor is not the only person stating there is a problem in childhood obesity in today’s society.

The use of the popular T.V Teletubies icons also come into the column, saying that it is there fault and another factor that being overweight is fine. The editor uses this as another method into the persuasion to make parents stop their children watching T.V and find better things, like exercise to do with their time.

Throughout the column the editor has certainly expressed his views and what he thinks about child obesity in Tasmania. Persuasion is the major technique the editor has used whilst combining his views with expert opinions. Emotional language has been commonly used throughout the column in order to make the reader feel guilt and are therefore more likely to change their habit on feeding the children fatty ‘treats.

Essay on Obesity

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