Explain how a family can be described as a social system.

Explain how a family can be described as a social system.

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1. Explain how a family can be described as a social system.

2. What is the role of attachment in Parent-Child relations?

3. Describe the Ecological Systems Theory of Bronfenbrenner. Identify the different layers and give an example of each.

4. How does psycho-social theory address issues in parent-child relations?

5. How do other psychological theories address issues in parent-child relations?

6. Discuss and give examples of at least (6) stressors that are common to families.

Chapter Four:

1. Why are parents considered to be teachers? What qualities characterize a competent parent?

2. How is discipline defined? What are some guidelines that help parents to be effective disciplinarians?

3. How are structure and nurturance ( provided to children through discipline) the cornerstone of effective discipline?

4. What are the basic methods of discipline used by parents? What common elements do they have? How are they applied to a program of discipline.

5. What are some behavior problems that are considered a normal aspect of children’s development? Distinguish between developmentally appropriate and in appropriate behavior problems.

6. Describe the three primary parenting styles and give examples of parental behavior.

Explain how a family can be described as a social system.

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