For this assignment you must prepare a journal article analysis

For this assignment you must prepare a journal article analysis. Your task will be to describe and analyse a journal article published in 2014 that is relevant to the material covered in this unit. You must select an article from one of the four journals listed on page 8 of this guide. It is important to note that selection of an appropriate article is critical. It is strongly recommended that you email a copy of any potential article for your review to the Lecturer and ask for an opinion as to the suitability of the article for this assignment. You may send up to a maximum of three articles for an opinion. Specific outputs required for this individual assignment Section 1 * Describe and summarise the key objectives, ideas and conclusions covered in this journal article. If it is an empirical article, comment on the adequacy of the literature review, statement of hypotheses, data collection and data analysis processes and provide an assessment of the overall empirical methods and approach utilized in the study. If it is a theoretical article, comment on the adequacy of the literature review and the quality of the conclusions and insights that the author/s develop from this literature review. Do these conclusions assist future researchers to carry out better research on the topic reviewed in the article? Are managers likely to find these conclusions useful? (70% of total marks). Section 2 * Whether it is an empirical or theoretical article, provide an assessment of the potential contribution of the article to the Management literature. You must also detail the reasons for your assessment. You should be aware of the ranking of the Journal by the Australian Business Deans Council. (30% of total marks)

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