HCM-550-MBOL1 Module 2

HCM-550-MBOL1 Module 2

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In approximately 1,750-2,000 words, please integrate information and insights from (a) the focal organization, (b) the textbook, (c) at least three scholarly publications, and (d) at least one other professional website in order to inform your analysis and recommendations.

Considering an organization where you worked in the past:
How were the departments or other work units structured?

How well did departments collaborate to perform the work of the organization?

In what ways did the organization function smoothly and efficiently?

In what areas did the organization have problems in coordination and communication? What was causing these coordination and communication issues? How did these problems impact organizational performance?

What are your specific recommendations for organization design and coordination of work in order to improve the coordination and communication issues?

HCM-550-MBOL1 Module 2

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