HCS 589 Health Care Strategic Management

HCS 589 Health Care Strategic Management

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Organizations create priorities to establish the significance of the organization while allocating and combining available energy and resources. Strategic planning helps stakeholders, leaders, management, supervisors, and staff make important decisions and focus and or stay on track on their goals/objectives.

Strategic management provides the necessary tools for an organization to establish their vision and mission to achieve and sustain success. Once the organization establishes a neutral goal among participants, they begin to incorporate changes to reach the goal.

According to Reed (2013), “A well-crafted, duly executed strategic plan can provide numerous intangible, internal benefits for a health care organization’s culture, working environment and employees,” (p. 1). The health care environment changes daily. Daily changes creates a concern to employ strategic planning into the industry.

Success occurs with the positive involvement of all participants. The intent of this paper is for the author to create a devise a strategic planning, development, and implementation process for a local health care organization to sustain competitiveness. Major Components of Strategic Management Strategic planning involves five essential components. According to Simply Strategic Planning (2005),” engaging commitment, setting long term strategic objectives for improved performance of the organization, generating policy options.

Evaluating and deciding on strategies and monitoring implementation of the policies against the long-term goals” (p. 1). Successful implementation of each element demands a thorough corroboration and accountability from the organizati………………

HCS 589 Health Care Strategic Management

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