Homework Abased upon Chapter 5 Idea

Homework – based upon Chapter 5 Idea

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Homework based upon Chapter 5 Idea for an e-business: For this activity come up with an idea for an e-commerce business (as you learned in Chapter 5: E-Commerce). Work on completing the tasks (A through D) below: PART – A: Write 1-2 paragraphs describing your idea (business goals & objectives) for your ecommerce business (for example, health-care related products selling, clothing sales etc.). Be sure to include information about your potential business, products, services, and customers. PART– B: Write 1-2 paragraphs describing your plan for the overall look and feel of your ecommerce website, specifying any fonts or color schemes you want to employ. How do you plan to find customers and establish relationships (via online) with them? PART – C: Make a list of five keywords that can be used in your Web page header so customers can easily find your site when using a search engine. PART – D: Find a site to host your online business and work up a table showing monthly and annual hosting costs. 1. Answer question A, B, C, & D . 2. Submit your Homework on BBLEARN [

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