How can socioeconomic status and wealth influence mental health?

Please write a 200-word minimum explanation of what is in the chapters listed below. Reference the text I will message you privately for how to access the text book.

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How can socioeconomic status and wealth influence mental health?
How should society deal with mental health and safety in the community?,
What did you find to be the most interesting disorder discussed in this course? Which disorder would you like to have seen covered more? Why?,
Please write an explanation of something you found interesting in Chapter 8,
Please write an explanation of something you found interesting in Chapter 12,
Please write an explanation of something you found interesting in Chapter 17,
Please participate (respond) to the classmate’s answers with POSITIVE notable and educational input. (200 word minimum Reponses)

Trina: Socioeconomic status and wealth can influence once mental health by various things. Stress is a big role in ones mental health. When a person who’s wealth and socioeconomic status is on the lower level of the ladder this causes stress on a person. Not having enough money to support their family and ensure their health is taken care of is very stressful. Those who are higher on the ladder, do not have to worry about their bills being paid and ultimately have better insurance. Individuals who are in the lower ladder do have mental health concerns. They encounter unemployment, crime, poverty, and violence. Having less resources available to them as well. Lower ladder socioeconomic individuals suffer from mental health conditions due to anxiety and being worried for long periods of time. This stress can lead to many health problems and even death. One who feels powerless has no control over their life for work and home causes more stress.
Higher level socioeconomic class can reflect higher levels of health and live longer. This is because higher level people are better educated and have better health insurance available to them, along with money. When people feel they do not fit into society their physical and mental state are unhealthy.

Laurie: Although tremendous advances have been made in the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses, the stigma surrounding them is still going on. For example, people with mental illness may be blamed for their illness or viewed as lazy or irresponsible. Mental illness may be seen as less real or less legitimate than physical illness, leading to reluctance on the part of policy makers and insurance companies to pay for treatment. Changes in society have diminished the traditional support once offered by neighbors and families. As an alternative, self-help groups and mutual aid groups have sprung up throughout the country. Some self-help groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, focus on addictive behavior. Others act as advocates for certain segments of the population, such as the handicapped and older people. Still others, such as the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, provide support for family members of people who have a severe mental illness. It is important for an individual to seek help if they feel they may have a mental health issue because only then can they receive the proper care and not only that but it keeps them out of harm’s way from hurting themselves and those around them.

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