How Do Deaf-and-Dumb People Survive?

How Do Deaf-and-Dumb People Survive?

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If you have ever wondered how deaf people live, you are not alone. They live in a world without sound, which means they can’t communicate or enjoy movies and music as effectively as regular people. In fact, most deaf people can’t even talk; these people are called the profoundly deaf. Luckily, their world is not all that bad because they have learned to survive by finding ways to “hear,” be heard and even get around. This sample essay aims to have a look at the abilities the deaf-and-dumb people have developed to survive a world full of sound.

When thinking about how deaf people live, most of us often wonder how they communicate. One of the best methods of communication is the sign language. Contrary to popular belief, sign language does not form a barrier between the deaf and the hearing. Plus, it is easy to pick up for both people. The sign language not only allows the deaf-and-dumb to communicate but it is also instrumental in their ability to learn. It is especially helpful during the emotional development of deaf children.

Since most hearing people do not know how to “speak” the sign language and have no patience to learn, it is usually inconvenient for deaf people to communicate with them. Luckily, profoundly deaf people have a ton of experience using body language and gestures. This has made them exceptionally good at communication with people from across the world, effectively bypassing some language, cultural, religious, and even age barriers.

Deaf people can also read and write just fine, meaning communicating through the written word is not a problem. This ability to read also allows them to watch movies that contain subtitles and captions, even though finding such movies in one’s local language can be difficult.

Studies have shown that deaf people have the ability to “listen” to music and dance to it. It turns out that deaf people can feel the rhythm because they have the ability to feel the vibrations emanating from the sound source, allowing them to enjoy the music as much as hearing people.

An advantage that deaf people have over the hearing is their enhanced vision. As researches have shown, this ability allows deaf people to react more quickly to objects that come into their peripheral vision. This, actually, makes them better drivers than hearing people. When it comes to driving, studies have also shown that seeing is more important than hearing. Even if an emergency vehicle is coming, deaf people will be able to see quicker than anyone else since because of the bright lights and their enhanced vision. This dispels the common misconception that deaf people cannot be good drivers.

When people look at the deaf-and-dumb, they usually think they are in need of a fix and feel sorry for them. All in all, it seems that these people do just fine without hearing or speaking in the conventional sense. In fact, many of these people like being deaf because it affords them some peace over constantly being able to hear everything. Plus, as you can see, they have found ways to survive and enjoy the life without sound.

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