Identify an important international event or issue

Select any ONE of the following questions to answer in 2000 words: 1. Identify an important international event or issue (since January 2015) which has been covered in detail by a range of media outlets in different countries. Select two different versions of the same event/issue (from two different countries) and explore content in the context of the media policies in the countries. This will require you to have an understanding of the political and social issues of the countries in the historical and contemporary contexts and the ways in which they have impacted upon media functioning and policies. The analysis must take into account at least three concepts dealt with in the unit as also draw on scholarly work on the media environments and policies in the countries. 2. In the light of academic debates surrounding global media and new technologies and recent events relating to employment of new technologies on a global level (e.g., Assange, Snowden) evaluate the concept of free media and its impact on media policy. Does access to information equate to freedom of expression? This requires exploration of new technologies in the context of at least three concepts from the unit. The question deals with global media, and not national or regional/local media. However, national or regional policies in particular countries may be explored to establish their impact on global information flow. 3. The CNN theory states that television has usurped the function of governments in setting the agenda as also taking a lead in dictating international relations. Critiques have questioned its validity in all cases. Explore the role played by global television in representations of conflicts and evaluate the consequences in the context of at least three concepts from the unit. The conflicts must be international (in other words must have repercussions for a large region) in which television has played an important role. The answers must reflect unit content and also wider scholarly reading. The research essay must be constructed and presented in an academic format (arguments within a theoretical framework, background and with references). Research essay is to reflect critical understanding and reading and incorporate concepts beyond those used in lead the class exercise. It must meet the requirements of a 300-level unit and a capstone. The essay will be graded using the following criteria: 1. Argument, substantiation and discourse: clear understanding of the concepts, original research, appropriate citation, critical thought and examples. Clarity is an important requirement. This refers to effective use of discipline-specific and appropriate language. 2. Coherence and organisation: precision and interconnectedness of theory, concept and analysis. The concepts must be extended to the argument and exploration of issues. 3. Style and grammar: Clear use of language without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Assessment tasks are aligned to the unit Learning Outcomes. Timely submission of assessment tasks is a unit requirement or penalties apply. 10% per day (including weekends) will be deducted for all late submissions unless Disruptions to Studies (including a request for an extension) is approved prior. This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes: Synthesize knowledge of media, communication and cultural studies in order to critically reflect on communication environments in the globalised world. Analyse and debate issues relating to media policies in the context of emerging world order and in the socio-cultural framework specific to different countries in the regions. Evaluate the issues that impact on media policy and their influences on communication work environments in different regions. Evaluate and appraise media policy issues in historical/sociological and political contexts and identify causal relationships by applying discipline knowledge and analytical skills Communication of professional discourse in oral and written contexts

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