In a meeting about whether to store inventory

In a meeting about whether to store inventory in a company-owned warehouse or rent a warehouse, a colleague says, “We should use our own warehouse and save the cost of renting one.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

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Explain why demand is more elastic in the long run than in the short run.

Evaluating Soil Drainage and Soil Texture

Evaluating Your Soil Drainage

The soil in your test area should be damp, neither completely dry nor completely saturated. Dig a hole six inches deep and large enough in diameter to accommodate a 46-ounce metal can (i.e., a large juice can). Remove the top and bottom lids. Set the can in the hole; replace the soil and press it around the outside of the can. Fill the can to the top with water and see how long it takes the water to drain out the bottom.

If the water level drops less than an inch after an hour, your soil does not have enough drainage to accommodate most plants. Either chose plants that tolerate continual moisture, or improve the drainage.

If the water level drops two to three inches after an hour, your soil has good drainage yet will retain sufficient moisture for the healthy growth of many garden plants.

If the water level drops more than four inches in an hour, your soil drains too fast to grow plants other than those that tolerate very dry soil. You will need to add organic matter to help retain soil moisture.

Evaluating Your Soil Texture

Dig six inches into the soil, mix up the loose dirt, and remove any small stones, soil lumps and roots. Fill a wide-mouth quart canning jar half full of the soil. Wet the soil to the consistency of mud. Tap the jar on a flat surface to settle the soil and mark the level of soil on the jar.

Add enough water to fill the jar. A tablespoon of dishwashing detergent will provide a surfactant, which keeps the soil particles separate and gives a more accurate test. Replace the lid and shake the jar several minutes until the soil, detergent and water are completely mixed. Put the jar on a flat surface and let the soil settle out.

When you see three distinct layers, mark the levels on the side of the jar. Sand is the heaviest and will settle out of the mixture in a minute or two. Silt will settle out after about an hour. Clay is the lightest and can take from several hours to a day to settle out of the solution. The clay layer on top will be fine textured and light in color.


Assignment Overview

This activity will allow you to get your hands dirty while learning how to evaluate soil drainage and texture in your garden, neighbor’s field, yard, or where ever you choose.


1. Choose a location to sample soil. This could be your yard, garden, by the road, a field, etc.

2. Access the “Estimating Soil Drainage and Texture” lesson page in Unit 4 to complete both the soil drainage and soil texture activities with your soil sample.

After completing the soil drainage and soil texture activities, write a brief, 1 page or less, summary on the following and submit it as an assignment:

1. Where did you take your soil sample (city, state, and type of area such as garden, yard, by the road, etc.)?

2. For the soil drainage activity, please include:

. The type of plants currently growing in the sampling location (if any).

. The amount of water drained out of the cup in one hour.

. In general, what type of plants you think would grow best in the sampling location (drought tolerant, water loving, nothing, etc.).

· For the soil texture activity, please include:

. The percent of sand, silt and clay present in your jar.

. How long it took for the layers to form in your jar.

· Based on what you’ve learned about the water holding capacity of sand, silt and clay, do your soil texture results support what you found in the soil drainage section? Explain.

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