Individual Assignment Ancient World Worksheet

Week 1 Individual Assignment Ancient World Worksheet

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Complete the matrix section and the question section on the worksheet for each week. For each culture, identify the starting and ending dates of the culture, the structure of government, the role of the city government, and type of law created by the culture. Describe how the culture viewed the relationship between gods and people and how it defined citizenship. List the major events the culture experienced.

The purpose of the matrix is to help you summarize what you have learned in this course. Keep it brief and organized. Write short phrases or bullets to summarize your ideas in the matrix. Use footnotes for longer comments when necessary.

Week 1 Individual Assignment Ancient World Worksheet

Discuss the role of public opinion in US healthcare policy making,. How did opinions from constituents, public sector, and private sector impact the policy making process?,

Discuss the similarities and differences between the Massachusetts healthcare reform law and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,. How did public opinion positively or negatively impact the development of each policy?,

What is the relationship between the state and federal government in policy making?,

How is the balance of power between the two weighed?,

Explain checks and balances when it comes to policy making.,


The topic of this case is organizational design.  To complete this assignment, we will begin as before, and you should identify an organization you know very well.  Then conduct your analysis by addressing the topics below.

Do not line up the questions and address them one at a time as in a short-answer test, but rather integrate them into a single coherent commentary and analysis of the organization.

A critical part of successful completion of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to employ the concepts introduced in the background material in describing and evaluating the effectiveness of the organizational design.

To do this, you will need to draw on the concepts from at least three readings/videos.

This paper should be 4 pages long (not including title and references pages).

This organization is a medical center with a orthopedic department.

3-4 references required

Case Questions:

  1. Diagram the formal structure of your organization.  Identify the various management positions or titles on the chart and indicate the positions/jobs that would report to each.  Identify the various management positions or titles on the chart and indicate the positions/jobs that would report to each. provides free examples, though others are also available via Google.  PowerPoint also has templates for organizational charts you can use.
  2. Describe how work is divided (specialization and departmentalization), coordinated (chain of command and span of control), and controlled (centralization and formalization).  Is the structure more mechanistic or organic?
  3. Describe the informal structure of the organization.  How does work actually get done?
  4. How does the organization deal with the differentiation-integration issue?
  5. Having completed this analysis, identify three strengths and three weaknesses of the organizational design.
  6. If you could suggest one major improvement to the organizational design, what would it be?

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