Ineffective Treatment Juvenile Delinquency

Ineffective Treatment Juvenile Delinquency

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The problem of violent crime committed by and against juveniles is a national crisis partially due to the increase in juvenile recidivism. Recidivism is a tendency to lapse into a previous pattern of behavior, especially a pattern of criminal habits. Recidivism means the rearrest, reconviction, or reincarceration of former inmates, which is the critical outcome variable in corrections. Unfortunately, the word recidivism exist due to the fact that rehabilitation/ treatment of inmates is not offered, beneficial or just not effective. There are many factors that relate to the different treatment options available, but are not recognized by all confinement facilities. Our juveniles are the most effected by improper treatment because they are in need of the guidance and direction that leads to a productive life. With improper treatment the juveniles are reentering the surroundings that got them in trouble and they do not know how to mentally escape these surroundings, leading to a relapse, aka: recidivism. This paper will evaluate different treatment options, the overall cause of delinquency, along with the highest target for criminal actions. Delinquency is a word that many wish did not exist, but since it is a common word within the judicial system, researching the different variables to reduce the juvenile delinquency rates amongst juveniles can change this commonly used word into the unknown. Overall, stopping our children from criminal mischief, repeated mischief will transform them into responsible, well-behaved adults who also refrain from criminal behavior, producing a better nation for all individuals. Juvenile delinquency in the United States, because of its emphasis on rehabilitation and the remnants of the parens patriae doctrine or the requirement that the state act in the best interest of children, has become an increasingly complex subject. Some states emphasize prevention and treatment goals, some stress punishment, but most seek a balanced approach. The differences between the treatment and punishment concepts not only differ amongst states, but also on the
INEFFECTIVE 3 opinions of society. Understanding the difference between the two concepts and the effects each have on juvenile delinquency will help in the evaluation of juvenile recidivism. Each year in the “United States, approximately 600,000 minor boys and girls cycle through juvenile detention facilities after being arrested and while awaiting further legal action. Detention is not an equal opportunity program: most detention centers are only able to warehouse children and do not provide the multitude of services necessary to properly address these children’s needs. It is clear that, for the most part, rehabilitation is a myth in juvenile det

Ineffective Treatment Juvenile Delinquency

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