Influence of Moral Reasoning Essay Sample

Influence of Moral Reasoning Essay Sample

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During the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse investigation, evidence that other Penn State officials knew about what had occurred and attempted to cover up the abuse by keeping the information secret. The top official Graham Spanier, president of Penn State at the time, bears the greatest responsibility for not reporting the crime.

Spanier had decided after conferring with the vice president and athletic director that the matter would be kept in house, and that they would confront Sandusky about the matter, knowing that this was not the right course of action and that it would hurt them if it were ever discovered that they knew what had happened. The cover up that Spanier lead covered more than just one incident, at least two times, one in 1998 and one in 2001, Spanier was aware of claims of the abuse.

Sandusky was not dissuaded by the confrontation with officials, and continued to abuse students. Had the right, the moral and the logical decision been made, many students would have been spared the abuse at the hands of Sandusky. Spanier and the others actions not only hurt students but Penn State as well, bringing shame to the school. Those involved in the cover up including Spanier now face criminal prosecution.

Had the decision been in my hands, I would have alerted the authorities to Sandusky’s actions. No one deserves to get away with such crimes. I know that it would have been a difficult decision to make, bringing such information into the public spotlight would have been embarrassing to say the least. I know though that I would have been making the right choice not only for the students, but for the school, my colleagues and even myself.

For me reporting the crime is the only moral thing to do. How could I live with myself knowing that I allowed a criminal to continue hurting those I am responsible for protecting? There are times and situations where talking to someone and keeping a situation private may be the best thing to do. This though is definitely not one of those times, I would not be able to live with myself had I acted the way Spanier and the others did.

Influence of Moral Reasoning Essay Sample

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