Juvenile Detainees CRJ 303 – Corrections

Juvenile Detainees CRJ 303-Corrections

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The centralexpectation of juvenile detention centers is procuring an inclusive assessment program for designated juvenile offenders in the receiving center. The receiving procedure is established by completing assessments for the following disciplines: academic, cognitive, medical, abuse of drugs, spiritual and leisure during their time in the receiving center.

The results of these assessments indicate in the receiving assessment summary to conclude what area of theinstitution the offender will be placed and prearrange advocacy assistance needs. The centrality of the juvenilemust bepermitted to be providedan opportunity for an education.

To actually realize the seriousness of their crimes and violations and indeed learn to own what they have done. From that point, they can receive the help they need in order for them to move on to determination (Sladky, 2010). It is imperative that someone be in charge of safeguarding the children who are being placed in juvenile detention centers and confirming their best interests are tended to and always considered when deciding the proper preparation for the juvenile’s case (Sieter, 2011).

Many experts strongly feel that toeliminate the juvenile court could only make matters worse. The presumption of the juvenile court is steadfast considering children have not completely developed, and they should not be held responsible to the same standards as adults.

Is it true the function of the juvenile court is to treat, not to deter? Truthfully, a very clear response should be “no” as most juveniles once out their detainment confinement, they tend to go out and commit the same crimes as before or commit even more dreadful crimes and end back into the system beginning the process all over again (2011). It has been documented that chang

Juvenile Detainees CRJ 303-Corrections

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