Juvenile Offenders-When Kids Get Life

Juvenile Offenders-When Kids Get Life

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The justice system in the US is mandated to offer justice and fairness in the judicial process through provision of justice to the victims. The structures established plays a significant role in ensuring justice is served and fairness is provided. Also, the judicial system in highly inclined to the offences made and the corresponding decisions are hugely based on the magnitude of the crime or the offence committed. In this case, the offering justice is reflected across the community without considering age or the background of the offenders. Therefore, juvenile cases are high in the US and based on the records the number of juveniles in jails in significantly high. Imprisoning juvenile is geared towards offering justice, fairness as well as accountability in the society towards maintaining rule of law (Siegel, & Welsh, 2014). Therefore, the US established legal structures that offered justice without providing juvenile special treatment. In addition, parole is not awarded to juvenile in the US and for capital crime life sentence is inevitable. Firm this perspective coupled with high criminal activities among minors and child abuse, US has become highly inflated with juveniles sentenced to life sentences.

Capital imprisonment is highly associated with capital crimes like murder as well as killing in cold blood in the US. In order to offer justice to the victims as well as establish a platform for accountability of one’s behaviour in the community as well as encouraging social co-existence. In the US this is practiced across different age groups either minor or adults. However, adults can be released into the society through paroles (Carmen, & Trulson, 2005). The process involves comprehensive monitoring as well as rehabilitation to facilitate re-entry into the community. Considering Colorado judicial system the approach deployed in offering justice especially involving juvenile is identified as harsh. For instance juvenile serving a life sentence cannot be release on parole but remain bar for. This approach is not only considered harsh but also primitive. In addition, the adults are treated similarly as adults in the prisons rather than offering special avenues of correcting behaviour.

The case of life sentence in Colorado is harsh to the juvenile and unbearable considering not parole is possible and serves in line with the adult prisoners. Considering in most cases life sentences are associated with prolonged abuse by the victims or constant violence considering situation culminating to the crime should be evaluated (Siegel, & Welsh, 2014). This can offer a different approach towards re-correction of behaviour which can entail rehabilitation and counselling. However, the approach cannot be termed are helpful or fix the juvenile crime problem based on the mental disturbance among the minors as well as the underlying situations.

The judicial system is geared towards offering justice as well as fairness through implementation of the laws established. Notably, the world is associated with changes that are critical to the society as well as critical in embracing social co-existence. In this case, reforms in the judicial system are termed inevitable considering the wide range of background and social orientation. Crime associated with juvenile has been significantly high in the US and those serving life sentence are similarly high (Siegel, & Welsh, 2014). However, comprehensive evaluation on the situations, scenarios as well as circumstances culminating in capital offences among juvenile highlights propagated or induced situations like abusive parents or guardians. Therefore, reforms in relation to the juvenile cases were introduced to improve on fairness during judicial process. Considering on the reforms the major beneficiaries involved the offenders considering established avenues to offer parole rather than mandatory life sentencing. This established a platform for offenders to be released but undergo rehabilitation process.

Juvenile Offenders-When Kids Get Life

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