Juveniles Learning Lessons CRJ301: Juvenile Justice

Juveniles Learning Lessons CRJ301: Juvenile Justice

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The juvenile court system was begun over a hundred years ago, and the principle presumption was that juvenile court should not allow juvenile offenders to be tried with adults in criminal court. Juvenile court was established for youths who become offenders and would be dealt with because of their agesand not somuch their crimes. The reason for the juvenile court was to treat them and guide them in the right direction.

It did not begin as a place of punishment for youths. During the 1980s and 1990s, the juveniles were becoming more and more volatile and the public became adamant about wanting juveniles being tried as adults.

Several states constituted laws to make it simpler to try chosen young criminals as adults; many states advised the intransigent proposition of eradicating juvenile courts.

The focus of the juvenile justice system is and has been to focus on the rehabilitation of the juvenile. Juvenile court has been considered as the conventional custodian of any juveniles who stood before it, and the court was in charge of safeguarding the child and ensuring their best interests were taken into consideration when determining the proper arrangement for the juvenile’s case (Ferguson and Berger, 2009).

Individuals adjudicated within the juvenile justice system as a result and were not contingent upon the same punitive standards or binding practices normally used during adult criminal court.

Since violence has become more excessive and juvenile crime has caused much deterioration and has increased;there is need to incapacitate them is in the best interest for public safety and also deterrence has become increasingly important goals (2009). This also indicates that punishment and holding these kids accountable are equally important priorities for our juvenile justice policies (Bartollas and Miller, 2011).

There is a type of sentence called a blended sentence which sanctions the juvenile courts to combine juvenile and adult dispositions and allows them at one time, which suspends the adult sanction. As long as the youth complies with the conditions of the juvenile sentence and does not commit any other violations, the adult sentence will be renounced. “This type of sentencing is quite popular, especially in the recent years, with Connecticut, Kentucky, and Minnesota among the States adopting this type of

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