Managed Care & Contractual Services

Managed Care & Contractual Services

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Patient Centered Medical Home Models

The medical home is describe as a viewpoint or model of primary care that is comprehensive, consistent, patient-centered, accessible, team-based, and focused on safety and quality. For primary care it has been a model that is recognized widely and should be planned and delivered all the way through the health care system. The viewpoint on the delivery of healthcare should inspire healthcare professionals and the providers to see patients wherever they are, from the simplest to the most difficult situations. It is necessary to improve the primary care by focusing on the relationship between doctor-patient and to make the dynamic stronger through a more widespread tactic to patient care and making patients more involved in their care. “Approximately 65 million Americans live in officially designated primary care shortage areas, and a recent survey found that only 27 percent of U.S. adults can easily reach their primary care physicians by telephone, obtain after-hour care or advice and schedule timely office visits. (American Hospital Association, 2010) It is important and necessary to improve patient-doctor relationships and all-inclusiveness care to improve the care to patients. It is also important that the access to healthcare is increased and more accessible. It has been stated the PCHM model put strain on dealing with patient health and increasing the access to healthcare. This can mean going further than the doctor’s office, steering and interacting with providers and partners within the community. Converting primary care to a PCMH could possibly reduce the cost of healthcare whereas also improving patient quality. It also could speak on cultural, racial, and socioeconomic inequalities in the outcomes pertaining in healthcare. Throughout this paper I will discuss the future of healthcare pertaining to patient centered medical home models.
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PATIENT CENTERED MEDICAL HOME MODELS 3 The PCMH model involve a private doctor and a care team that will provide you with medical care. If and when you need to seek medical attention from a specialist (patient’s request) your appointed care team and provider will manage, coordinate, and facilitate personally the care with the applicable skilled specialists, such as hospitals, pharmacies, etc. Investing in PCMH will offer short and long term saving for employers, patients, policymakers, and health plans. Controlling the increase of health care cost is vital, in this current economic setting. By providing Americans with high healthcare quality will result in reduce amount of unnecessary trips to the emergency room and hospital admission. It will increase the coordination of better care. In long term PCMH will help with the transmissi

Managed Care & Contractual Services

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