Marketing Plan for a Company and Product/Service

Marketing Plan for a Company and Product/Service
Your final project is a marketing plan for the company and product or service of your choice. If you are choosing a large global company, you MUST create a new product. However, this new product may be an upgrade of an existing product.
You need to select a company that you have not used for your other assignments in the class. Your plan information should address all areas covered in this course for a marketing plan. The “Company-Business Profiles\” link found in the Library under the How to Find section, is a great place to look for company information for this assignment.
Below is the outline to be followed for this assignment:
Executive Summary. This provides a busy executive everything he or she needs to know to invest (or not) in your proposal. It captures your key proposal and recommendations/decision factors and projected outcomes of the plan\’s recommendations.
Note: This is not an introduction to the marketing plan. Typically, the executive summary is written after the plan has been completed.
1/2 page
Company Overview. A brief description of the company, including its mission statement, background, and competitive advantages.
1 page
Situational Analysis. SWOT analysis—Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats facing the company. Also include any other external factors that my influence future sales, such as legal or social activities.
2 pages
Objectives/Goals. Briefly describe your proposal–what\’s new and why. What is the opportunity to be addressed or the problem to be solved?
1/2 page
Segmentation and Targeting Analysis. Define and explain why segmentation is needed. Explain the approach taken (e.g., the use of demographics) taken, and name market segments. Define and explain why targeting is needed, and roughly size your target market.
1 page
Marketing Strategy. Explain and support your marketing mix component decisions, using the 4 P’s, academic concepts, and academic reference sources. Create one perceptual map (See Section 5.4 of the textbook for an example.)
2 pages
Branding Strategy. How will the brand be developed and supported? What will be the “implied promise” of the brand?
1 page
Ethical Considerations. Explain how the proposed plan aligns with the company\’s statement of ethics and corporate social responsibility.
1/2 page
Financial Projections. Present a summary spreadsheet. For example: years 1, 2 and 3 units sold, sales volumes. Estimate marketing expenses for promotions/advertising. What is the projected timeline of the product life cycle\’s introduction and also growth stage?
1 page
1/2 page
Eight to ten pages, not including the title and reference pages. Note that page counts are listed in the outline
Application of marketing models, theory, terminology, and concepts throughout the plan
A minimum of six references, in addition to the textbook and assigned readings. Include at least two peer-reviewed articles.The CSU-Global Library is a good place to search for credible, scholarly sources.
Meet all requirements defined in the Portfolio Project Rubric
Formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. Use the APA heading format; do not number the sections.
Create frequent headings and sub-headings for easy scanning and readability.
Note: As you can see the maximum length for your paper should be nine and a half pages. No paper will be accepted if it is over eleven pages. Stay with the length requirements as noted above!

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