Medicare Medicaid Managed Care Plans

Week 5 Assignment Medicare Medicaid Managed Care Plans

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Distinguish the roles of Medicare and Medicaid managed care plans in the healthcare delivery system.

Assess the similarities and differences between Medicare and Medicaid managed care plans by comparing (a) strengths, weaknesses, and incentives; (b) commitment to access; and (c) risks to the consumers.

Commitment to Access to Both Plans

Risk to the Consumer Associated with Either Plan

Synthesize two recommendations for improvement, including your justification, of each managed care plan. (You should have a total of four recommendations for both Medicare and Medicaid managed care plans.)

Managed care is access to healthcare services by optimizing scarce resources and delivering the best patient care.

Both Medicare and Medicaid are programs that are governedand ran by the government these programs provide an array of medical services to a group of individuals in the U.S.

These programs were created by President Lyndon B. Johnson when he signed the amendments to the Social Security Act on July 30, 1995. While these programsdiffer from one another their services are also different, they are services by the same division.

Throughout this paper, there will be a comparison of the similarities and the differences between both Medicare plans and Managed Medicaid plans.

There will also be recommendations for improvements to both the plans. Distinguish the roles of Medicare and Medicaid managed care plans in the healthcaredelivery system.

To control cost and raise the bar when it comes to innovation in health care delivery states are turning to Medicaid managed care and looking to it as a key strategy more than ever before.

This data looks at the health care providers’ ideas on the role of managed care and how it is improving health services for low-income adults in several communities.

Even though this report is looking at a few communities, there is evidence of this data being true for more than just these four areas.

These states include Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Oakland, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. these locations don’t see managed Medicaid as an important piece of the puzzle for the delivery system reform.

It is these types of broken delivery systems such as these that put limits on the kinds of services for which managed care
are at risk, the frivolity in such markets all reveal challenges to making the caredelivery better.

While looking at the types of results, the providers in these areas had a change of heart when it comes whether managed care systems are designed to improve quality and control cost by suggesting a competitive atmosphere among MCO’s.

Three out ofthe four communities that studied manage care plans not only joined but left the Medicaid program just before or at the time of this research. This reaction would prove to be volatile, and it disrupted existing patients’-physic

Week 5 Assignment Medicare Medicaid Managed Care Plans

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