Microsoft Word 2016 Project 


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Use Microsoft Word 2016 to complete the following project. You can also use Microsoft Word 2010 or 2013 to complete this project, however you will not be excused from any part of the project because you are using a different version. You may have to search for features in Word 2010 or 2013 to complete this project.

You are to create a personal resume and a cover letter using the following instructions.  Assume that you are graduating this semester.

1.  RESUME – Use a Resume Template (Open Microsoft Word 2016 and search “Resume” in the Search for online templates box) to create a personal resume using whichever style you desire. Try to be as accurate as possible when personalizing the resume.  But you also can create or improvise information, if you wish to change or embellish certain areas of your resume.  Check spelling and grammar in the resume.  Save the resume as [Your]LastNameResume.docx.

2.  COVER LETTER – Go online to any job search website you wish, ie or  Find a job ad in an area of your major or that interests you.  Carefully following the instructions below, create a cover letter for your resume, gearing the letter to the advertised job; this is a letter inquiring about the advertised job.  You do not need to use a template file to create the letter.  You can simply write the letter from scratch, but it MUST be a complete letter of inquiry about a job.  If you do not know what a cover letter is, then use a search engine, ie Google, to learn about it. Complete the following in your Cover Letter:

A. Use the job advertisement information, either the company mailing address or their email address, for the inside (sending) address; you must set this sending address at the 3″ mark on the ruler using a left tab alignment tab-stop (review pages WD149-150).

B. You also MUST include at least One table (review pages WD157-159).

C. You also MUST include one bullet list (review page WD21-22) in the body of the cover letter.  Do NOT create a table or list for any addresses in the letter; the table and list must be in the body of the letter and separate from each other (no lists inside the table).  Try using information about yourself related to the job inquiry to develop the table and the numbered list, such as relevant course work, personal references, hobbies or skills. Again, you may improvise and create information, if you wish.

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