MODULE 4 – IN PRACTICE IMPLEMENTING A PIP Ian Wilson joined MWTCo 3-years ago as a Customer Service Representative. While Ian performs his job satisfactorily, there are several areas that require improvement:

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MWTCo requires CSRs to comprehensively document all client interactions in a program called Sales Force. These interactions must be documented with 24-hours of the occurrence. This is an important and effective way for any CSR who speaks with a customer to have a history of interactions with the customer and to provide exceptional customer service—a goal of the organization.

Ian often answers his personal cell phone while sitting at his desk. This is against company policy as personal conversations may serve as a distraction from other CSRs who are servicing customers. Ian knows the policy; but due to child care issues (Ian is a single dad), is overly sensitive to calls from his son’s school or child care provider. The co does not mind employees taking personal cell phone calls; however, it requires a CSR to log out of que and step into a private space to take a call. Ian’s fear is that he may miss a call going through the two aforementioned steps and it may be an emergency.

Below prepare a Performance Improvement Plan for Ian referencing one of the concerns above.


PREPARE • Document the employee’s performance areas

that need improvement

DEVELOP ACTION PLAN • This action plan should include Specific and

Measurable objectives that are Accurate, Relevant and Time-bound (otherwise known as SMART goals).

REVIEW THE ACTION PLAN FOR CLARITY AND CONCISENESS • Seek assistance to ensure the document is clear

and absent of emotion as well as viable from a timeline standpoint.

DELIVER & IMPLEMENT THE PIP • Meet with the employee to clearly lay out the

areas for improvement and plan of action as well as possibly modify the action plan slightly after receiving the employee’s input and feedback

FOLLOW UP REGULARLY • The employee and supervisor should establish

regular follow-up meetings (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). These meetings should discuss and document progress toward objectives.

PIP CONCLUSION • Upon completion of the PIP period, supervisor

and employee review whether the PIP was successfully completed and determine next steps including termination or PIP conclusion.

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