Monetary Policy Please respond to the following

Monetary Policy Please respond to the following:

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· Discuss the pros and cons of central banks setting policy based on rules as opposed to setting policy based upon the discretion of policymakers at each policy meeting.

“Taylor Rule and Inflation Targeting” Please respond to the following:

· Determine the impact on the economy if the central bank in the U.S. used inflation targeting. Explain your rationale.

“Looking Back” Please respond to the following:

· Thinking back on what you have learned during this course, discuss the most significant lesson you learned and what made it so significant.

“Looking Back” Please respond to the following:

· Discuss how you would explain the value of this course and what you learned from it to someone considering taking the course.

Homework Questions

1. Why have rules for monetary policy based on money growth been unsuccessful in recent years?

2. Why don’t policymakers want to adopt rules for monetary policy?

Social Psychology

Please respond to the following using your own words:

1.) Discuss at least two (2) concepts you learned in this course that you believe will help you in your current or future professional life.

2.) Explain why these two concepts will help you and how you plan on implementing them right away in your life.  Smile

Organizational Strategy

A county health department wants to increase the number of Medicaid beneficiaries that participate in prenatal care. It knows that only 40 percent of the expectant mothers eligible for prenatal care fully use the benefit. Many of these target customers make only one or two prenatal visits and then drop out of the program. Most of these women visit the emergency room if they have problems during pregnancy, and also come to the emergency room when they are in labor.

In 5- to 6-pages:

1 Define at least four questions you would need to ask in order to write a SWOT analysis.

2 Write vision and mission statements for the county health department that provides services to pregnant women.

3 Write at least four objectives for the department. In your objectives, try to address the problem presented in the scenario.

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