Nanotechnology in Manufacturing ESSAY

Nanotechnology in Manufacturing ESSAY

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This paper will review the development of nanotechnology throughout history, and the effects of those advances on society. Furthermore, we will discuss the current legal, moral, ethical, and political influences of this technology and the future societal impacts. Lastly, we will discuss the psychological and sociological issues these advances have created, future associated issues, and the role/influence the media has on the societal outlook of nanotechnology.

The Historical Development of Technology Considering the development of technology it is rather simple to identify technological milestones throughout history, however, it was difficult to predict that these early experiments would lead our society into a new revolution.

Essentially, the science of manipulating molecules and atom variables can be very dangerous, nanotechnology is imperative as it has changed behaviors, characteristics, and made designs that revolutionized science. In 1821-1822 Charles Babbage the mathematician developed two engines that “calculated and crunched numbers in a repeated manner” the “Difference Engine” and the “Analytical Engine”.

Additionally, these two models were capable of “computing several sets of numbers and making hard copies of the result”. (Collier, Maclachlan)

At the turn of the 19 th century technology became revolutionized in machinery, telephones, phonographs, electricity, medicine and many other faucets of society that expanded our vision, perceptions and choices. Overall, these applications can be accredited to our variety of scientifically advanced abilities. The majority of our data in today’s society relies on scientific facts.

onsequently, this encourages scientist to continually invent the greatest technology in the world. In 1831, one of the early contributors, a physicist named James Clerk Maxwell, was experimenting in his laboratory and discovered a whole new world in technology. He took “a small entity and named it Maxwell’s Demon capable of handing a persons molecules”. “This change in the con……………

Explain ways that software manufacturers protect against software piracy.

Your answer should be a minimum of 250 words with a minimum of one cited reference to support the discussion.
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Nanotechnology in Manufacturing ESSAY

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