Nursing 405 Windshield Survey Essay

Nursing 405 Windshield Survey Essay

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A community can be described as a group of people whom live, work, rest and play in the same geographical area.   The community can be culturally, ethnically, socio-economically, diverse or similar.   The similarities and/or differences are what make up the various characteristics of a particular community.
The community that this Windshield Survey will focus on is a small section within Monroe Township, New Jersey, called Jamesburg.   Jamesburg is a borough within Monroe, part of Middlesex County, New Jersey.   The total population is just over 6,700 (“U.S. Census Bureau” 2012), with 22% being Hispanic.   This number represents at nearly 6% increase from just ten years ago ((“U.S. Census Bureau” 2012).   Jamesburg is a residential area comprised of primarily one and two-family homes.   While the population is increasing, the local economy is decreasing.   The joblessness rate has increased to 8.60%, closing in on the national unemployment rate of 9.10% ((“U.S. Census Bureau” 2012).   There is speculation that these numbers for both population and rate of employment are dramatically different as there is no accounting for the influx of illegal immigrants, many of whom are day laborers or house cleaners.
Community health describes how the overall community is fairing in health care.   “The health of the unity is the health of the community.   Unless you have the health of the unity, there is no community health,” stated by Florence Nightingale (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008, p. 63).   This was Nightingale’s distinction between sick nursing and health nursing, (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008, p. 63), which illustrates the importance of teaching and preventative care within the community.
The community as a client is best defined as serving the community at large – as a whole.   This would include wellness care in addition to sick or emergent care.
Factors that could affect health within in a community are poverty, under- or uninsured patients, lack of child care to attend…
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Nursing 405 Windshield Survey Essay

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