Nursing Theory Analysis Paper Essay

Nursing Theory Analysis Paper Essay

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Theory/Author Name and Background Peplau’s Theory is a nursing theory famously known for agitating for human relationship aspect to be incorporated in any nursing undertakings. It is classified as a mid-range theory that brings forth answers to the specific phenomenon in nursing one being the need for self- awareness in nursing (Smith & Liehr, 2014). The author of the theory is Hildegard Elizabeth Peplau, who served as a nurse in the Army in the World War II. At the epicenter of the theory is the need to ensure that the relationship between a nurse and patient is a give and take one. Her argument was that in there is the need to ensure that the relationship is an interactional one. This is because according to the theory, both the nurse and the patient bring forth vital information that is helpful in the attainment of the common goal, that of helping the patient to recover. According to the theory, the work of the nurse is to help people realize their problem a phenomenon that can only be met if there is a healthy human relation and interaction between the patient and the nurse (McKenna, Pankhihar & Murphy, 2014). She also felt that nurses ought to get educated to serve better the patients, and the aim of the theory was to help the nurses serve better. Her career as a nurse in the Army in the World War II presented a motivation for her towards the formulation of the theory where the patient-nurse relationship was vital in therapeutic nursing undertakings. Peplau’s theory was heavily influenced by ‘Harry Stack Sullivan’s theory of interpersonal relations’ (Parker & Smith, 2010). The theory argued that people were well understood from networks of relationship in which they were involved. The call was for doctors to concentrate on the interaction aspect of the mental illness patients and not the “intrapsychic” aspect. In the same spirit, Peplau agitated for nurses to enhance their relationship with their patients. According to
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NURSING THEORY ANALYSIS PAPER 3 the theory, it is through the close nurse-patient ties created that nurses get vital information that enables them to take better care of their patients (Parker & Smith, 2010). It through the healthy inter-personal relation between a nurse and the patient that helps the nurse create a therapeutic environment vital in patients’ recovery. The theory was aimed at sensitizing the nurses on the importance of applying human relation while dealing with different cases in their line of duty. It was also keen of insisting on the importance of having a healthy interaction between a patient and a nurse. The theory was also keen on improving the ‘environment’ metaparadigm of nursing (Smith & Liehr, 2014). The call was for the nurses to ensure that they provide ‘therapeutic’ environment that aid them to better help their client find their problem. This was a vital aspe

Nursing Theory Analysis Paper Essay

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