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An extended essay explaining and justifying a chosen educational research methodology for a particular professional study; the essay should demonstrate a critical understanding of research ethics and show an appreciation of contemporary philosophical debates about educational research.
Number of words: 10,000 words
Learning Outcome:
1. Understood the nature of educational research and its epistemological foundation;
2. Justified and evaluated the use of particular methods and techniques of data gathering and interpretation for specified purposes in educational settings;
3. Addressed relevant ethical considerations in respect of undertaking research in educational settings;
4. Produced an extended essay demonstrating a critical understanding and grasp of the relevant methodology for a particular study located within contemporary debates about educational research.
Module Content:
1. Critical consideration of the nature of educational research and contested approaches and their philosophical foundations;
2. Examination of appropriate and relevant methodologies within professional educational contexts;
3. Exploration of research ethics and ethical issues relevant to a proposed research project;
4. Presentation and defence of a proposed research topic
5. Completion of research and ethics

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