POWER Learning Ch 3 and Ch 7

POWER Learning Ch 3 and Ch 7

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P.O.W.E.R. Learning, Ch. 3: Taking Notes

The Case of …

Some people write down a few things in class. Others write down most things. Jennifer Beck wrote down everything.

The woman was virtually a human dictation machine. She spent her time in class in a whirlwind of notetaking, writing down in a clear, meticulous script seemingly every word her instructor uttered. By the end of a term, her notebooks were so lengthy that they approached the size of telephone books from a small city.

Yet despite her thorough notes, Jennifer was only a mediocre student. She was a hard worker and studied her many notes thoroughly before tests. But she never managed to get grades higher than a C+. It seemed unbelievable to her. She worked incredibly hard in class taking good notes. Why wasn’t it paying off?


Review the following questions then in 150 word for each question answer the following.

This doesn’t have to be in a APA format


  1. 1.      How do you think Jennifer defines “good notetaking”?
  2. 2.      Why does Jennifer’s method of notetaking produce such poor results? What is she missing?
  3. 3.      If you asked Jennifer to summarize the instructor’s main ideas after a class lecture, how successful do you think she would be? Why?
  4. 4.      Do you think it would be easy or hard to study for a final exam using Jennifer’s notes? Why?
  5. 5.      Do you think Jennifer ev
  6. 6.      aluates her notes during or after class? Do you think she ever rethinks them? What questions would you ask to help her perform these steps?
  7. 7.      In general, what advice would you give Jennifer on notetaking?


P.O.W.E.R. Learning, Ch. 7: Technology and Information Competency

The Case of …

It had already been a long day for Joelle.

She’d worked two hours of overtime at her job supervising a call center. She’d driven home and immediately sat down at her computer to start work on her paper for her marketing class the next day. It was already 11:00 p.m. by the time she finished her research on the web. Then she began writing, opening a new file in her word processing program.

Joelle worked hard, drinking coffee to help her concentrate on the paper—and to keep her eyes open. When she was about three-quarters of the way done, her computer screen suddenly froze. Joelle pushed every button she could think of, but finally had to switch her computer off and then switch it back on. She opened the file for her paper … and saw an empty page.

To her horror, Joelle realized that her paper had been lost. She looked at the clock—it was almost 3:00 a.m. Did she really need to start her paper all over again?

Review the following questions then in 150 word for each question answer the following.

This doesn’t have to be in a APA format

  1. 1.      How well did Joelle use her time to work on her paper? What advice would you give her about the preparation stage of working on a paper?
  2. 2.      Clearly, Joelle should have saved her work frequently while she was working. What else should she have done while working on her paper to help her recover from such a catastrophe?
  3. 3.      Do you think Joelle’s instructor would be sensitive to her problem? Do you think he or she would be willing to give her an extension? What could Joelle do to make her case that she had nearly finished the paper?
  4. 4.      What should Joelle do next to begin reconstructing her paper and recovering as much of her work as possible?
POWER Learning Ch 3 and Ch 7

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