Project Communication Plan Matrix

Project Communication Plan Matrix

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In this report a project manager’s task of managing stakeholders is examined. The tools and resources needed for a project manager to properly manage Stakeholders and Key Players are covered throughout the paper as well as best practices they can use to satisfy these individuals.

1. Goal: To provide examples and methods that a project manager can use to manage stakeholders. 2. Who are Stakeholders and Key Players: Key definitions and descriptions of everyone are featured as they relate to the project and project manager. 3. Tools and Resources: Microsoft Share Point, Power/Interest Grid/and Stakeholder and Key Player Table 4. Communication Plan Matrix: A communication plan is included in the report to help identify the power players, the communication plan appropriate and the frequency in which it will be used.

In researching the two communication plans for Microsoft PowerPoint, I chose to use the Microsoft SharePoint application. This application in my opinion addresses the entire component areas needed for a project to succeed.

The Microsoft Share Point application makes it easier for a team to communicate and operate in a professional manner by highlighting sections that will focus on the specific areas needed to complete the required task of the project.

The Microsoft Share Point Server is broken down in six different areas; Search is one section that allows a team to actively research material that is both relevant, and reliable to the team’s goals in completing the project.

The Composite section is another feature of the Microsoft Share Point Server, this section offers tools, and resources to the team in the effort to allow a team member to fill 2
Running Header: Project Communication Plan Matrix empowered to act alone in making critical decisions needed for their project task. Content is an area of the Microsoft Share Point Server that contains the background information on the project, which serves as a view or resource to the team for project tasks completion.

The Insight feature that is available on this application is also another area that I found to be useful as it allows all team members access to certain reports, budgets and data that is needed to make good decisions for the team. The Sites feature houses all the websites for the project, distributes docu…………

Project Communication Plan Matrix

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