Public Policy Report There is one (1) policy

Public Policy Report

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There is one (1) policy paper for this course where you will critically analyze and evaluate a crime control policy covered in the textbooks and make an evidence-based recommendation to Florida Governor Scott.
One (1) typewritten 3,000–3,500 word policy paper is required (this number includes a title page and a reference page). Structurally, the paper must:
• Be double-spaced • Have 1.0-inch margins • Be Times New Roman • Have 12-point type size, font. • Draw from 8–10 sources, which must be cited correctly in the text and be documented correctly
in the reference page. • Of the total works cited, at least half should be articles from academic journals or books
published by an academic press.
Works cited and the references should be in Harvard reference style.
You need to write your policy brief in a professional manner, as the audience of your response is Governor Scott and his advisors. Organizationally, the policy report should include five sections that are consistent with a real-world policy brief/report. These sections include the following:
• An Executive Summary • Introduction • Review of Research and Policies • Conclusion • Recommendation(s)
The instructions, structure, and requirements will be further discussed in class as we build up to a final draft of your paper throughout the semester. Also note that your policy paper is subject to review for text comparison by, a plagiarism detection service. To submit your paper, you will upload your Word file electronically through a link located on the CCJ 4497 Blackboard page by 8:00pm on July 19th 2013.

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