Public Relations Assignment

Public Relations Assignment.

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Post one example of a public relations action from within the last 6 months. Describe if you found this action to be effective or not.

Examples of a well-done entry:


Over the last several months, McDonald’s has been involved in public relation actions to help create a favorable opinion of their company. When the controversial meat product “Pink Slime” was brought to the public’s attention, it received national media coverage that was very negative.

Even though it is legal for human consumption in the United States, McDonald’s issued a statement that they would not use the product in their hamburgers. The company quoted, “At McDonald’s, the quality and safety of the food we serve our customers is top priority.” I think their public relations action was effective because millions of consumers would have refused to buy their hamburgers if they were treated with “pink slime.”


McDonald’s has been criticized for serving high caloric, unhealthy food. This year McDonald’s was one of the first fast food restaurants to completely disclose all nutrition numbers.

They recently started a program called “Open Doors,” in which almost anyone can tour their suppliers’ plants and behind the counters of their stores to see how they handle food. According to a McDonald’s spokesperson, “these PR moves are all based on the ideas of transparency –we have no secrets except what goes into the Big Mac sauce.” Additionally, McDonald’s has changed their menu to add more healthy choices. They have reached out to mom bloggers, provided more amenities like WiFi. According to an online article dated May of 2012, McDonald’s revenue is up almost 13% from last year because they listened to customers and acted. I believe that McDonald’s PR moves have been effective and consumers have a more positive opinion about the company and the food they serve.

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