Reflective Letter Dear English Instructors,

Reflective Letter

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Dear English Instructors,

My name is Bader and I am from Kuwait, and my first language is Arabic. I am a first year student, but before that I was a student in American language Program department for almost two years, so I have been here since 2012. I have studied basic English for 12 years in my back home, and 2 years in ALP starting from level 2 to level 6 which is the last level. In ALP, I attended a multiple writing courses and I have taught the materials by cooperative and qualified teachers. Also, I have improved my English until I pass the IELTS test, which was the main requirement to be a freshmen international student. Then, I studied English 725, and this quarter I am studying 730. I am writing this letter to indicate how my experience in writing developed through essay types, pre-writing methods and grammar that I learned in the writing classes that I have been taking.

Firstly, knowledge of essay types is significant to every student should have learned. This knowledge is the guide to achieve a professional writing level. Before, I did not really know how to write a narrative essay or even come up with a topic, and I did not even know what to do when I have to tell a story in time sequences. However, after English 725, when I wrote about my attitude towards a compulsory experience that I had, I wrote about my experience when I moved from my country to the US to complete my education. Therefore, I have developed my narrative skill with my instructor. In comparison to my skills before, besides what I am already familiar with, I have earned a new skill after that experience. A Narrative essay is an essay time that required telling a story with time sequences, and the writer should tell his story or even describe a moment that means a lot to him. Also, the writer should ask him self questions before start writing, like whom I am going to write about? What makes this event important to me? These questions can help to get the approach easily, and it helps to identify the writer’s thought in an appropriate way. Furthermore, narrative approach requires the writer imagine the moment twice, and describe it in vivid words.

Secondly, I learned about pre-writing methods, but before I did not apply any method in my writing. My essays were with out any planning, just random words and difficult thoughts to understand. Sometimes I did not even know how to support my ideas with example or explanation. As a result of both 725 and 730, I have developed what I learned in ALP of pre writing methods, and now use them in my writing. They are such a guideline for the topic and help to defined the topic as well. What I really like from pre writing methods is brain storming and clustering. Brainstorming improved my writing because it helps me to think about the topic and break it down into ideas; therefore it gives the topic sentences for each paragraph. After that, with the use of clustering I can expand and arrange my topic, and provide it with many supporting examples in a short way.

Grammar also plays an important role in the terms of writing development. Since there is difference between my first language and English grammatically, I was getting comments from my instructors about grammar. It was an upsetting thing because I thought my writing was clear enough to understand. There comments were about sentence structure, word forms and run on sentences. After being a student in both English 725 classes, I enhanced those mistakes by practice and learn more about sentence structure. As a consequence, now, I know there are a different sentence structure and each type containing a different amount of clauses. Also, the two or more clauses should be connected with common coordinating conjunctions.

To sum up, being able grammatically, having knowledge in sentences structure and being familiar with essay types should always make a developed writer as well as enhanced the writing skills. They also provide me as a writer from a different country a good experience that helps me a lot in writing in English

Best regards,

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