Sample Essay on Finals

Sample Essay on Finals

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When finals are near, many children crack because they are under a lot of pressure. All the student needed to do was to handle all their stuff on time to be able to properly prepare for their finals. This sample is an example essay about how to go about writing an essay that can help these students.

On the path to writing their finals, students usually experience a lot of challenges. If they apply themselves, not only will they remain focused and pass their finals but they will also learn some discipline, diligence, and perseverance in the process. This sample essay aims to explain the life of a college student, the problems they face, and what they can do about them to achieve academic success.

Quite contrary to what is depicted in movies and television shows, the college life is not all about parties. It has a bunch of unique challenges that students face every semester, from adjusting to a new life, covering tuition costs (if they are paying for themselves), homesickness, and housing problems. When they deal with these problems, they also have to face the pressures of studying and time management in order to pass their finals. A college student’s life is a constant struggle of not letting yourself get overwhelmed.

One of the things a student can do to get all their stuff done on time is to come up with a time management schedule. This is one of the aspects of college life that cannot be overstated. Students need a system that allows them to keep track of and prioritize important deadlines and dates; it does not matter if that system involves using an electronic device or something old-fashioned, like a calendar or planner. When students have a strong sense of time, they are better equipped to handle any other responsibilities that may come up. They can even work on improving their academic performance.

When preparing for finals, it does not help to procrastinate. Procrastination in college is easy since there are no constant reminders from parents and teachers to finish your tests and assignments. Many students end up putting off the work until the very last minute. What these students find out, in the end, is that college has little to no empathy or leniency for procrastinators.

When trying to achieve your academic goals, developing a study routine is a must. Students need to set aside some time during the day when they can work on their assignments, review notes or read textbooks. According to study experts, each hour spent in class should be followed with, at least, two hours of studying outside the classroom. This way, students will avoid cramming sessions when under the pressure during their finals. Usually, one hour of study should be followed by a break (10 minutes is enough). Then, another hour of study and a break.

A college campus usually has resources for students to use in order to achieve academic success. Students need to take advantages of them (after all, they are paying for them). Students need to spend more time in resource centers such as libraries or tutoring labs if they want to give themselves an edge academically.

All in all, if students follow these tips, they should find college life a little easier, especially when finals are looming. Many students easily fail their finals because somewhere along the line they got too distracted, procrastinated too much or got overwhelmed when they had all the time in the world to handle everything on time.


Sample Essay on Finals

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