Specialty Hospitals and Community Hospitals

Specialty Hospitals and Community Hospitals

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Read Case 5-1 in the course text pages 136 (bottom) to page 141. Answer the discussion questions on the top of page 142.

Your paper must be four to five double-spaced pages (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Utilize a minimum of five scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years. All sources must be documented in APA style

1. What has happened with this debate since mid 2006?
2. How might one try to come to an objective conclusion?
3. Senator Grassley noted during the Senate Finance Committee hearing that “it appears that 40 new specialty hospitals have opened” during the moratorium and the investigation. Do some research to find out whether this is true and how it might have happened
4. If you were a legislative decision maker, what solutions would you propose after the MedPAC proposals to reduce selected DRG payments substantially and redefine a number of groupings for orthopedic and cardiac procedures that were headed off by a campaign by lobbyists for medical device makers, hospitals, and specialist physicians?
Mclaughlin, C. P. & Mclaughlin, C. D. (2008). Health policy analysis: An interdisciplinary approach. Sudbury: Jones and Bartlett Publishers

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