Strategic and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Strategic and Entrepreneurial Thinking

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In a 250-300 word post, respond to the following: Provide a definition of entrepreneurial thinking. What role does entrepreneurial thinking play in strategic planning? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings

Our text states entrepreneurial thinking is “The entity that discovers and starts to exploit  new business or other opportunities while assuming the risks”.  (Marcus, 2011) It is also one who has the ability to carry out the introduction of new items or innovations, along  with the finance and business insight to transform innovations into profitable goods.   One can either start a new venture or take control of an already reputable business.  An entrepreneur has the ability to gaze at an opportunity in which he or she has a positive  attitude, creativity and inspiration.  It takes a basic business idea to become an  entrepreneur, an idea in which no one else has had success at, while borrowin

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