Team Assignment Supporting Activity

Team Assignment Supporting Activity

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Perform the following hands-on activities where possible.

Prior to being assigned to a team look at your own computer system and answer the below questions.

Provide a brief description of your findings/exploration. If you are unable to perform an activity describe why and what you would have expected to experience if you were able to complete the activity.

• Convert Between Binary and Other Numbering Systems


• Choose 2 binary numbers of your choice and convert to decimals.

• Assessing Your Computer’s RAM and Virtual Memory (how much memory do you have?)

Determine the Type of RAM Installed (look at your system hardware settings.)

• Explore Keyboard Layout and Region Settings (comment on your keyboard type)

• Explore Mouse Functionality (what do you use)

• Get Hard Disk Information (look at your system hardware settings.)

• Examining Partition and Formatting Settings (look at your system hardware settings.)

• Sharing a Folder on a Network (what steps are needed?

• Comparison Shopping for Hard Drives

Provide screen shots where you feel it is applicable.

Team Assignment Supporting Activity

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