Unit IV Discussion Board Question

Unit IV Discussion Board Question

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This is an area that I feel I have had some significant practice both as a student and as a supervisor in the workplace. In 2002 I attended Paramedic School in Southern California. Until then I had never put forth tremendous effort to study or learn material in a significant manner. In high school I essentially “got through it.” During high school I was satisfied with B’s and C’s. When I began my paramedic schooling it was apparent that I had to develop study skills fast! The few times that I had studied previously were by way of flash cards. This was also a method that seemed to work for my learning style. However, as I moved through school I added a few extra elements to the process. I would take a concept and write in on the card, and read it aloud the entire time. Once it was on the card I would practice that single card until I had it memorized. Then, I would add another card and repeat the same action. However, now during the repetition phase I would verbalize both cards until memorized. This process continued until I had all of the cards required. When I was experiencing difficulty with the concepts, I would repeat the information aloud, but also write it down until it became a concept that was ingrained in my mind . This practice has worked for years.

Once I became a supervisor at the workplace and became responsible for aiding others in the learning process, I had to alter my ways. One of the first concepts I became aware of is that everyone learns differently. In order for my employees to become successful I had to seek out there learning style. Most employees knew which style worked best for their style. In large I found that most people in my profession are hands on/tactile learners. In these cases I would have the employee present a piece of equipment in a “class room” type setting. Through their ability to physically demonstrate the item and manipulate it in a manner that showed they understood the concepts, I knew that they had an understanding. Often times finding the learning style of others, and adapting your style to fit their understanding can be challenging, It can be a fun and exciting challenge.

2. Rossana’s response Unit IV discussion board

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Everyday, we learn. Whether its intended or not, we learn something new everyday. Each individual has their own technique when it comes to learning things. Some people prefer visual learning, comparing and contrasting, or organizing. When it comes to me and learning, there are quite a few methods I like to use. My first go to method would be to write things down, I also like to say it ‘aloud’ in my head as I write it down. I feel this is a great way to use my visual, feel, and auditory learning methods.

Another method I like to learn, and depending on what I’m currently trying to learn, would be to compare and contrast the information I have. I feel that this method of learning will help me come up with the best logical way as to what is important to retain. I think when it comes to learning, one should alway use what ever methods are helpful to a person, either it be multiple methods or just utilizing one method. I was raised by a teacher, and was taught at a young age that everyone has their own methods of learning, I was fortunate enough to understand that not only for myself to learn, but also to recognize how a person learns if I am teaching them some new information.

RE: Unit V Discussion Board Question

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Rehearsal is an absolute necessity to ensure success when facing most academic and recreational activities. Rehearsal is the key ingredient to solidify particular practices in our workplace activities as well as academic endeavors. Most individuals are not proficient after single rehearsals in a certain activity. Not only do most individuals find increased success after single repetitions but find new and improved methods following additional repetitions.

One of the typical uses of this theory in my daily work operations surrounds the practice of pre-planning buildings for hazards. These “rehearsals” involve systematically walking through and identifying any hazards that would be dangerous to firefighters in the event that the building was sustaining fire. As a crew we practice and rehearse methods that would enable our crew to quickly make entry and mitigate the hazard. One of the benefits of rehearsing is that we are often able to find improved methods of handling these types of scenarios. Rehearsal in most workplace scenarios are not only determined helpful, but essential. Personally, I find this topic very applicable to my daily operations.

Responding to :RE: Unit V Sam

I wish I could admit that I am familiar with the type of coding and computer work you are describing. It sounds very complicated; however, I can also see through your writing that you are very passionate about this sector of the workforce. I have always been inspired by people like you, who demonstrate passion in their skill set. It sounds like you have found the recipe for success surrounding the need to rehearse and practice the variety of coding required to become successful in your career. I enjoyed reading your post Sam. Good job.

Unit VI Discussion Board Question HUM 1000 CLASS

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This unit mostly focuses on careers—I mean, vocations. After choosing and pursuing a vocation, it is important to continue educating yourself about the industry, the skills, the knowledge base, and the successes. Continuing education and professional development are two terms that have been frequently used to describe this task of ongoing improvement as a professional. So for this discussion board, let’s discuss ways you hope and plan to use your online education for professional development.

Unit VI Discussion Board Question


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What is the core injustice in your movie (please list your movie)? Racism, sexism, ageism, religious, class or cultural wars, or something else? Explain how this affected the actions of the major characters. After answering this question, post at least one question of your own, focusing on other issues discussed in Chapter 6 that you also see as part of the film.

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