Unit VII Assignment Mini-Concept Paper

Unit VII Assignment Mini-Concept Paper

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This assignment builds upon the Unit III and Unit V Assignments. You should incorporate any changes and/or corrections your instructor provided in the previous assignments into this submission. The result will be a mini-concept paper to give you an idea of the type of work you will be doing in the future in your development of your concept paper. You should use each of the components below as headings for the assignment.

Complete the assignment by addressing each of the following;

1. Topic—In an introductory paragraph, identify the topic of interest and how this research topic fills a research gap within the larger body of literature related to the topic.  2. Theoretical Framework that supports the topic? — Write a paragraph that provides the background for the development of the theory, model, or concept upon which you will frame your research.  3. The Research Question—Provide your primary research question.  4. The Literature Review – From the five articles used for the annotated bibliography in the Unit II Discussion Board, write a synthesis of the five articles in one or two paragraphs.  5. Research Ethics – Write a paragraph concerning the application of integrity and professionalism in research as it relates to your research.  6. Research Method—Write two or three paragraphs in which you discuss the research method and the rationale for the selection of the method for this study. Support the rationale by citing peer-reviewed journal articles. Select ONE of the following:  a. Quantitative method—Discuss the independent variable and dependent variable. b. Qualitative method—Discuss the phenomenon. c. Mixed methods—Discuss both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the study. 7. Research Design – Write two or three paragraphs in which you discuss the research design and the rationale for the selection of the design for this study. Support the rationale by citing peer-reviewed journal articles. Review the course lesson and/or the course textbook for the list of research designs related to the research method that you select. 8. Target Population – Write two or three paragraphs in which you discuss the population and target population that you will employ in your research. How will you increase generalizability? Cite peer-reviewed journal articles. 9. Data Collection – Write two or three paragraphs discussing the data collection approach you will incorporate in your research. This should include a discussion of any instruments (surveys, etc.) that you will use. The discussion should include information regarding validity and reliability of the data collection instruments. 10. Data Analysis – Write two or three paragraphs discussing the data analysis approach that you will employ and the rationale for the use of the analysis approach.  11. Discussion – Although you will not have actually engaged in conducting research, write one or two paragraphs to discussion or hypothesize what you anticipate the results of your research. How do your hypothesized results compare with results of other researchers related to your research topic? 12. Conclusion – Write a concluding paragraph in which you summarize the content of the assignment and discuss why your research is important. 13. Reference Page – Properly list all sources in APA format.

This assignment must be in APA format including an APA formatted title page, APA citations, and APA reference page. Upload the assignment as a Microsoft Word document

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