Unit VII Assignment Safety Policies

Unit VII Assignment Safety Policies

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Unit VII Assignment Safety Policies essay

Recall your chosen firm and industry you have been using throughout the course. For this assignment, you will identify the top three major safety and health issues in your firm, and write a policy on each, consistent with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards. There is a minimum requirement of 300 words for each of the three job policies.
Each of the five domains of OSHA must be considered when writing these three policies:
1. Hazard communication: How will you notify people of potentially dangerous or unhealthy work conditions?
2. Blood-borne pathogens: How will you protect employees from blood-borne pathogens such as AIDS?
3. Personal protective equipment (PPE): What equipment or tools will your employees in this job require to work safely?
4. Cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs): How will you prevent CTDs that come from repetitive movement (e.g., carpel tunnel syndrome)?
5. Work assignments: How will you handle potentially dangerous work assignments, especially to protect unborn babies?
NOTE: This is a three-part assignment. All three of the policies (300 words each) you write should go on one document. This one document is what will be uploaded to Blackboard.
Any sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.

The firm I have used is Business Services, Inc. This is a business-to-business company which arranges conferences, symposiums, and gatherings for corporate training. The work is primarily administrative, organizing, and planning in nature. We do not \”produce\” a product. We arrange meeting space, contract with vendors for locations and food provisions for attendees. Our office is located in Nebraska which makes us subject to natural disasters including blizzards, tornadoes, and fire. We have office cleaning supplies stored on site. We have computer equipment for daily work which means we have electrical cords. Other than that, we are a typical office space with no real tools or ladders or equipment.

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